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We advise you from starting up your business to company succession and from financial advises to advise in fiscal offenses.

Business activities
  • Annual tax declarations
    • Income tax
    • Value added tax
    • Business tax
    • Corporate income tax
    • Separate and consistent declaration
    • Inheritance and accessions tax
    • Tax on land and buildings
    • Property acquisition tax
  • Financial and payroll accounting
    • Continuous financial accounting including business assessment
    • Asset accounting
    • Advance return for tax on sales
    • Payroll accounting
    • Wage tax return
    • Declarations to health insurance and social insurance agency
    • Declarations to employer’s liability insurance coverage
  • Creating annual financial statements
    • Creating annual statements according to commercial law and taxation law for sole
      proprietorships and corporations, including written report and notes
    • Surplus revenue determination pursuant to § 4(3) EStG
    • Opening balance sheets
    • Interim balance sheets
    • Settlement balance sheets
    • Liquidation balance sheets
  • Annual audit of financial statements
  • Requests
    • Wage tax reduction
    • Employee savings bonus
    • Parental benefits
  • Tax planning advise
    • For business start-up (selection of legal form, financial plan)
    • For acquisition of existing companies
    • For business succession
    • For optimal tax drafting of the will
    • For changing the legal form of an existing company
    • For certificates
    • Advise for choosing the payroll tax class
    • Assessment of association contracts and other contracts in consideration of tax laws
    • Review of tax saving schemes
    • Advise to minimize taxation and foresightful tax
  • Tax law enforcement
    • Extrajudicial appeal procedure
    • Representation in front of the tax authorities and the fiscal court
    • Decrease in tax request, deferral request
    • Support and advise during the course of tax audit
  • Business consulting
    • Analysis of financial statements
    • Examine profitability
    • Planning statement and forecasting
    • Organization and calculation
    • Advise in investment decisions
    • Support in talks with the bank about financing options


Steuerberatung Thelen
Rochusstrasse 216
53123 Bonn (Duisdorf)

Phone: 0228-52692-0


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