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Our invoices are created according to the tax consulting fee ordinance

Principally, our invoices are created according to the tax consulting fee ordinance (StBGebV). This fee is generally calculated according to the item value. The ordinance has appointed minimum and maximum values for the different services of the tax advisor, in order to calculate the fees. Depending on the complexity and the amount of time put in, the invoice will be calculated within this span.

You have the opportunity to influence the amount of the fee with your participation. If the data is adequately prepared, it usually means that the amount of time we work on a case is minimized. Of course, we are happy to forward this cost saving on to you and minimize the invoice.

Hourly fees

For some consulting services, like for example, economic consulting, the fee is usually assessed on an hourly basis. In many cases, our clients perceive the hourly fees as more comprehensive; furthermore, it can also lead to a favorable rate.

Fixed fees for reoccurring services

In order to make your financial planning easier, we usually charge a fixed fee for reoccurring services, like financial- or payroll accounting. This is possible after an initial orientation period of about 3 months.

Tax deductibility

Even within the private sector of, for example, the income tax, the costs for the tax advisor are mainly tax deductible.


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