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Welcome to the Tax Office Thelen, your tax advisor in Bonn

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We will help you to clear the obscure fog of the German tax law

The German tax law system is complicated and at times even contradictory. A variety of exceptional rules make it even more confusing. Additionally, there are about 100.000 administrative regulations and about as many financial court mandates. To clear this fog by oneself is close to impossible for the individual tax payer. To further aggravate the situation, the tax laws are continuously being changed, even to the point where they become more complicated. Prof. Dr. Heinrich List, former president of the federal court of finance said: “The German tax system is so complicated and obscure that it is comparable to fog with visibility range under 50 meters”.
Our professional and up-to-date expertise knowledge will help you to lift the fog and thereby, save your money!

"Ignorance of tax law does not disburden from the duty to pay tax, however the knowledge of tax law oftentimes does.“ Amschel Mayer Rothschild

You do not need to give the tax authorities more of your money than is absolutely necessary!


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